A Glossary of Terms


All The Snaps: (alt spelling: All Tha Snaps) A phrase coined by yours truly, which suggests  appreciation for, and vehement approval of your person, your attitude, an accessory, and/or your entire outfit. This phrase is often proceeded by YAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSS, and succeeded by the literal manifestation of the phrase, thus resulting in a rapid succession of snaps in the various styles of the “O”, the “Z”, the “X”, the “Over The Head”, and, occasionally the “Double Fisted Snap”. If you are fortunate enough to hear this, congratulations, you’ve made it to the next round.

Basic: I don’t have to define this. You know who you are.

Be Knowin’: When a person or entity is found to be possessing of superior knowledge, ability, or both in a specific area of expertise.

Brunch: The unofficial religion of New Yorkers.

Fashion Basic: Basics who are good at following trends which have already been anticipated. Currently, they are still talking about fringe in unoriginal ways. They may dress better than the uncaring, nonchalant masses, but lack individuality and are often found residing in the company of other Fashion Basics whilst pretending to be deep.

Inner Diva: She is everything. Find her. Flaunt her. Love her. And on occasion, tell her to sit down.

Let’s Convo: An expression used to indicate the desire to engage in further conversation, hear opinions and editorial comments from another person or community. Alternates include: Can We Talk About…? or #TalkAboutIt

Millennial Entitlement: A pesky thing made up by adults. It seeks to suggest that because members of the millennial generation struggle openly with the shifting economic climate and financial atrocities created by earlier generations, and desire the same shot their parents had, makes those of the millennial generation both lazy, and entitled. Google “Old Economy Steve” for more information.

Non-Diva: Someone absolutely fabulous who carries weight in their respective industry, and has every right to be a diva, but mostly keeps the Inner Diva reigned in.

Source: For me, God. For others, Source may be interpreted as the universe, their higher selves, the collective unconscious, their bloodline, or any other interpretation thereof personally identifiable as a Higher Power.

Tha Creators: The geniuses who have obtained genius level simply by staying both true and open to their path of unending exploration of thoughts, physical realms, spiritual realms, and emotion. This level of achievement happens without regard to age, race, gender or any other segregative label. They are constantly creating in a multiplicity of mediums thus becoming wholly original trailblazers who are often appropriated and mimicked by Fashion Basics without credit.

Tha City: New York City. Obviously. Where else?

Tha Industry: An all encompassing word for The Fashion Industry, without regard to a specific area or realm.

Tha Werk: (alt spelling –The WorkWhenever you are doing what you love.

Travel Squad: Need someone to bail you of a Mexican jail cell? They are in your squad. Hating life, and your bestie sends you an unbelievable low fare to a far off, magical place and threatens you with a photo he/she took before your braces, lipo, and make-up contour lessons if you don’t buy the ticket and get your groove back? That person is definitely in your squad. Friend owns a villa somewhere fabulous? Squad. Your friend eating ramen noodles and sacrificing beloved NYC brunches to be able to travel at the drop of a hat? Squad. They are your besties who stay armed with passports on deck and believe in the restorative magic of travel. They believe in partying on other continents, speaking multiple languages and experiencing different cultures, and being global citizens. They will also wire you money when you were too busy dancing the night away in Gangnam.

Try Again: When a person or entity is found wanting in a specific area of expertise. Also, a favorite song by the late artist Aaliyah.

YAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSS: Can be shortened to YASS in a pinch. The indisputable catch-all word of vibrant members of Tha Industry, signifying vehement approval, euphoric feelings, instant attraction, elation, and/or the fact that your jam just came on and the sudden need to dance which corresponds to this moment.

Your Person: This person you love to the moon and back, and boy, do they love you. Your absolute ride or die. Your battle buddy. The person you would follow over a cliff, and the person that would never take you over a cliff without an adequate plan to survive that fall. You both have incriminating photos of each other, but love runs deeper than black mail, except during a wedding speech toast or a rehearsal dinner slideshow, then all bets are off, and embarrassing photos you thought had been “handled” by Olivia Pope herself, will resurface. This is the person you can count on to bail you out of said, aforementioned, Mexican jail cell, and definitely give you hell the whole drive back. They will protect you, give you a pep talk 20,000 miles away, and wire you money when you’ve over spent and need to just get back to the airport. This person is your heart, and you are theirs.


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